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  • The top drive device inside IBOP

    The top drive device inside IBOP

    IBOP, the internal blowout preventer of top drive, is also called top drive cock. In the oil and gas drilling operation, blowout is an accident that people don’t want to see on any drilling rig. Because it directly endangers the personal and property safety of the drilling crew and brings e...
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  • TDS Main Shaft

    TDS Main Shaft

    Main Shaft  is a mechanical device and one of the key accessories in the top drive system. The shape and structure of the Main Shaft  generally include shaft head, shaft body, shaft box, bushing, bearings and other components. Power structure: The power structure of the Main Shaft  generally in...
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    VSP as one of the biggest manufacturer & distributor of TDS spare parts in China with a professional team in over 20 years experience in TDS filed,VSP supply OEM parts & substitute for well-known top drive brands such as NOV(VARCO),TESCO,BPM,JH,TPEC,HH(HongHua),CANRIG,etc. The spare parts...
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  • More about the TDS CABLES

    More about the TDS CABLES

    Introduction of Cables: Cables, one of the most important Parts of TOP DRIVE. VSP are Manufacturer for Top Drives and it’s spares and have oilfield equipment and services to UAE oil drilling companies more than 15+ years,  brand including NOV VARCO/ TESCO/ BPM /TPEC/JH SLC/HONGHUA. Our com...
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