In July, 2019, our company signed a one-year top drive lease contract in Zhengtong, Xinjiang, and its own top drive NOV TDS-11A was renovated and arrived at the site within one week from the date of signing the contract.

Top drive body assembly (800hp; 575v,60hz main motor; 575v,60hz fan motor; 575v,60hz hydraulic oil pump motor).

One set of top drive guide rail (complete set with anti-torque beam and guide rail hanging plate).

Top drive cable assembly (traveling cable 777mcm, control cable 42pin, auxiliary power cable 19pin, ground extension cable including power cable, control cable and auxiliary power cable).

One top drive VFD (Siemens S120 inverter, 315-2DP control system, touch screen monitoring system, completely new configuration in 2019, with two Trane air conditioners inside).

One VDC remote console.

A batch of spare parts for top drive.
Top drive was commissioned on July 26th, and officially started drilling. The drilling was in good condition, and a service while drilling staff was assigned to maintain it.


Post time: Aug-26-2022
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