The top drive device inside IBOP

IBOP, the internal blowout preventer of top drive, is also called top drive cock. In the oil and gas drilling operation, blowout is an accident that people don’t want to see on any drilling rig. Because it directly endangers the personal and property safety of the drilling crew and brings environmental pollution. Usually, high-pressure fluid (liquid or gas), especially gas with mud and gravel, will be ejected from the wellhead at an extremely high flow rate, forming a horrible scene of fireworks roaring. The root cause of the accident comes from the fluid between underground rock layers, which has unusually high pressure. When drilling to this interval, pressure fluctuation will occur, and the blowout will occur in extreme cases. With the popularization of underbalanced drilling technology, the probability of kick and blowout is much greater than that of conventional balanced drilling.
It is combined with other equipment and technologies to close the borehole when the kick and blowout just appear, so that the staff can control the kick and blowout before the blowout is formed. According to the position of the blowout channel, the tools on the drilling rig can be divided into the internal blowout preventer, the annular rotary blowout preventer at the wellhead and the ram.

Types of BOPs, etc. This product is a kind of blowout preventer in drill string, also called top drive cock or plug valve.The top drive internal blowout preventer produced by our company adopts high-quality E-grade material as the shell, and its structure consists of valve body, upper valve seat,Wave spring, valve core, operating handle, cross slide block, handle sleeve, lower split retaining ring, lower valve seat, upper split retaining ring,Support ring, retaining ring for hole, O-ring seal, etc. The internal blowout preventer is a ball valve with metal seal, with wave spring compensation and pressure sealing mechanism, which has reliable sealing performance under high pressure and low pressure. It retains the advantages of the design structure of the woolen ball valve. In order to realize high-pressure sealing, a pressure-assisted sealing mechanism is designed, which makes the pressure of the sealed fluid generate the sealing force between the valve core and the upper and lower valve seats, and this sealing force plays a role of pressure-assisted sealing.
In order to achieveLow-pressure sealing, designed the pre-tightening mechanism of wave spring, which provides the force required for the lower valve seat to press the ball. Thirdly, when the valve core is sealed from below, the wave spring can provide the sealing force which is not affected by the valve core pressure difference. Imported original seal is adopted, and it is qualified to leave the factory after four pressing tests. The switch effect can be achieved by crank or limit.Various sizes can be customized.

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achieved by crank or limit.Various sizes can be customized.

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