VSP held the theme activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC.

On the eve of July 1st, the company organized more than 200 party members in the whole system to hold a commendation meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Through activities such as commending the advanced, revisiting the history of the party, awarding the cards to the representatives of the old party members at the 50th anniversary of the party, and taking the oath of the new party members, all party members deeply realized that the Communist Party of China(CPC) had always been the original purpose of the people, inherited the great spirit forged by the Communist Party of China(CPC) in the long struggle, and unswervingly listened to and followed the party.

Carry out emergency drills and escort safety

On the eve of July 1st, the company carried out pollution prevention emergency drills, carried out a series of emergency rescue work in an orderly manner, controlled the spread of the situation in the shortest time, and timely carried out oil recovery and environmental monitoring.

After watching, the excitement persisted for a long time, and everyone expressed their great joy and pride to witness this great historical moment together. As a Communist Party member, we should actively perform our duties, take a promising role, speed up the transformation and upgrading to an integrated service provider, actively promote the layout of new energy, help peak carbon dioxide emissions to be carbon neutral, contribute to local economic development, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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Near the end of the year, the COVID-19 epidemic struck again. Faced with the double pressures of safe production and epidemic prevention and control in winter, the company on the one hand tightened its epidemic prevention and control responsibilities, strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensured the health of cadres and workers; On the other hand, emergency start-up of special production plans, strengthening of production scheduling and command, and making every effort to ensure safety in production. IBOP, washpipe and other products are stably provided to users.
Trade union organizations at all levels continue to promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and artisans, and strengthen the construction of skilled personnel through personnel training and skill competitions. The company’s trade union successfully held the “New Journey of Building Merit in the 14th Five-Year Plan” competition, and a number of skilled personnel came to the fore. Lay a solid foundation for the maintenance and implementation services of IBOP and top drive cables, etc.

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Post time: Jul-04-2022