The transformation and upgrading of Lanshi Group’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry has reached a new stage. The CDS450 top drive casing device has successfully completed the factory experiment

Recently, the CDS450 top drive casing device independently developed by Lanshi Equipment Company completed the factory test. The experimental scheme, process and results of the device are in line with the CCS approved standards.

 The CDS450 top drive is a key tool for unconventional drilling in horizontal Wells, extended reach Wells, and multi-lateral Wells. It is also a necessary hardware device for casing operators to obtain international orders.

 CDS450 top drive casing to the international leading products, equipped with hydraulic swing arm and hydraulic hoist automation tools. In the process of research and development, the project team has overcome a number of technical difficulties, such as the design of interlock control system, high pressure seal packer design and so on. The whole machine operation is safe, efficient, high degree of automation, simple and compact structure, easy to install and use in the field, and has a high market promotion value and broad market application prospects.

 The successful trial production of the device has further improved the R&D and manufacturing capacity of new products of Lanshi Equipment Company, and expanded the product series, which has laid a good foundation for the company to transform and upgrade the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and expand the market of new products.

Post time: Feb-14-2023