Buy 12V, 115V and Cordless Fuel Pumps with Meters & Nozzles from FarmChem

SHANDONG VS PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of its newest collection of fuel pumps and meters. The company, which specializes in petroleum equipment manufacture, import/export and domestic sales, now provides customers with 12V, 115V and cordless fuel pumps as well as meters for use in oil drilling logistics. Additionally, some pump models come complete with fuel nozzles and meters.

The addition of these products marks a significant milestone for Shandong VS Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., which strives to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers while remaining competitively priced on the market. As a leader in petroleum technology innovation, the company also places an emphasis on creating energy efficient solutions that are designed to reduce costs over time while providing superior performance throughout their lifespan.

“We are thrilled to offer our newest line of fuel pumps and meters at such an attractive price point,” said CEO John Smith “Our commitment to providing cutting edge technology combined with quality materials ensures each product meets customer expectations without sacrificing value or performance.”

Shandong VS Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.’s new line offers a range of features including easy installation processes for both indoor and outdoor applications; adjustable flow control settings; long-lasting battery life; robust construction made from durable materials; compatibility with multiple fuels types including diesel, kerosene and other combustible liquids; anti-theft security measures built into select models; plus more!

With this latest product expansion in place Shandong VS Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd is proud to be able provide consumers across industries ranging from agriculture to automotive services even more options when it comes time purchasing reliable fuel pumps &meters at affordable prices.

Post time: Mar-01-2023