JH Top Dive System (TDS) Spare Parts / Accessories

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China JH Top Drive systems (TDs) have the technology of integration control by Electronic mechanical and hydraulic. It is a necessary power equipment for drilling deep well, ultra-deep well, horizontal well and directional well under complex geological conditions.

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JH Top Dive Spare Parts List
P/N. Name
B17010001 Straight through pressure injection cup
DQ50B-GZ-02 Blowout preventer
DQ50B-GZ-04 Locking device assembly
DQ50-D-04(YB021.123) pump
M0101201.9 O-ring
NT754010308 Flushing pipe assembly
NT754010308-VI Spline shaft
T75020114 Tilt cylinder flow control valve
T75020201234 Hydraulic cylinder
T75020401 Locking device assembly
T75020402 Anti loosening fixing sleeve
T75020403 Anti loosening chuck
T75020503 Backup tong locating pin
T75020504 Guide bolt
T75020514 Backup tong centering ring
T75020519-1 Protective joint
T7503153201 Bearing axle assembly
T75401030810 Flush pipe packing
T754020204 Set screw
T754020207 Drive wheel
T754020501 Counter torque bracket pin shaft clamp
T754020505 Pin clamp
T754020506 Backup tong pin shaft
T7540205071 centralizer
T754020509 Backup tong piston
T7540205101 Tong head
T754020511 Backup tong pipeline bracket
T754020522 Tong head screw
T754020524 Backup tong clamp key
T754020525 Backup tong outer circlip
W0102040 Plain Radial bearing
W02025.52 Fan motor
W05120 jaw
W06050 Brake
W0605001 The brake plate
YB040030 Reducer lubrication pump
YB05037 Hydraulic system plunger pump
YB065.56 electric Motor
YF070222 Hydraulic check valve
YF071030 Hydraulic check valve
400403 Observation window sealing cover
500419 Double threaded joint
40010102 bail
40010201 Brake bracket
40010205 Encoder bracket
40010206 brake disc
40010207 Brake disc connecting bushing
40010210 Encoder coupling
40010211 Guard plate
40010302 Mud pipe
40010304 Mud pipe bracket
40010307 Center cover of washing pipe
40010403 Primary driving gear
40010405 Secondary driven gear
40010419 Lower sealing sleeve
40010431 Bail pin shaft
40010432 Lifting bail shaft pressing plate
40010433 Lubrication pump set
40010434 Lubricating oil filter assembly
40010436 High pressure filter
40030305 Slide lock pin
40030306 Adjusting lead screw
40030400 Guide rail transport frame
40030403 Guide rail carriage latch
40030601 Hook connecting plate
40030801 Counter torque beam
40030802 Reverse torque beam pressing plate
40030803 Extension bolt
40030804 Fixed pressing plate
40030805 Pressing plate
40030806 Counter torque beam locating pin
40031400 one hundred
40031513 Accumulator fixing plate
40031532 Bearing axle assembly
40031551 Bearing axle lubrication pipeline (1 / 2 /)
40031552 Bearing axle lubrication pipeline (1 / 2 /)
40031553 Bearing axle lubrication pipeline (3 / 4)
40031554 Bearing axle lubrication pipeline (3 / 4)
40031600 Motor cable holder
40031700 Cable fixing card
40050073 touch screen
40050090 Tachometer
40050091 Torque meter
40050400 Auxiliary cable hanger
40050600 Transit box
40050806 Traveling cable hanger
40051700 Torque handwheel
40051800 Torque handwheel
50020367 Tilt cylinder
50050017 Circuit breaker
50050018 Circuit breaker
50050019 Circuit breaker
50050021 Circuit breaker
50050021 Circuit breaker
50050022 Circuit breaker
50050023 Circuit breaker
50050032 Emergency stop button
50050033 Emergency stop button protect cover
50050034 Knob switch
50050035 Knob switch
50050036 Knob switch
50050037 Knob switch
50050039 Green button
50050040 Red button
50050041 Auxiliary contactor
50050042 Auxiliary contactor
50050045 indicator light
50050046 indicator light
50050047 Intermediate relay
50050048 Intermediate relay
50050049 Intermediate relay
50050050 Intermediate relay
50050053 Three phase power supply phase sequence relay
50050077 SM 321 digital input module
50050078 SM 322 digital output module
50050079 SM 331 analog input module
50050080 SM 332 analog output module
50050081 Siemens im153-1 interface module
50050090 Tachometer
50050091 Torque meter
50050092 Potentiometer coupling
50050095 Sounder
50050096 Pneumatic control triple connection
50050100 Torque limiting potentiometer
50050101 Hand wheel setting potentiometer
50050106 Speed and torque counter power block
50050113 Power cable of driller’s console
50050116 waterproof joint, Driller’s console cable
50050121 Air conditioning main board
50051700 Speed handwheel
50051800 Torque handwheel
70010220 Shades window
70010525 Fuel injection connector
70050806 Pressing plate
70050807 thread nipple
70051003 Derrick cable hanger pull rod
70051004 Derrick cable hanger pressing plate
70051700 Speed setting flywheel
70051800 Torque setting flywheel
400101013 Balance cylinder lock pin
400101019 Balance cylinder lock pin
4003153101 brearing wheel bracket
4900500305 Hydraulic pump
40010404+40010428 Secondary driving gear set
40B020102 Rotating head gear
40B020104 Fixed hanging bracket
40B020105 Motor bracket
40B020106 Rotating head pinion
40B020107 Anti return circlip
40B020108 Large spare cap
40B020109 Bearing retainer ring
40B020110 Flat gasket
40B020112 Lifting ring baffle
40B020113 Hanger guard plate
40B020201234 IBOP hydraulic cylinder
40B020201567 Bracket assembly
40B020313 traveling hinge
40B020313C Anti slip plate
40B020502 Counter torque bracket
40B020503 Backup tong locating pin
40B020504 Guide bolt
40B020514 Backup tong centering ring
40B020519 Protect joint
40B020528 Counter torque bracket pin shaft
40B0401 Fuel tank welding
40B0404 Oil feeding valve block
40H0444 Standby pipeline
40H0445 Standby pipeline
40H0474 Tilt cylinder line
40H0475 Backup tong pipeline
50H0471 Standby pipeline
50H0472 Standby pipeline
Power module
70010214B Motor pull rod
B01006020 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01008020 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01008025 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01008030 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01008045 Hexagon headed bolt
B01010020 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01010025 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01010035 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01010040 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01012020 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01012025 Combination gasket
B01012030 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01012035 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01012040 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01012090 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01014040 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01014045 Hexagon headed bolt
B01014050 Hexagon headed bolt
B01016030 Bolt
B01016040 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01016045 Hexagon headed bolt
B01016050 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01016070 Hexagon headed bolt
B01016080 Bolt
B01016090 Bolt
B01020050 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01020060 Hexagon headed bolt
B01020070 Locking device bolt
B01020090 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01024060 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01024065 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01024150 Fixing bolt of lifting ring baffle
B01024170 Hexagon head bolt with hole
B01030180 Hexagon headed bolt
B02005050 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02006008 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02006020 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02008020 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02010030 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02010080 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02014030 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02016040 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02016045 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02016055 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02016070 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02020040 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02020050 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B02020070 Locking device bolt
B0202016040070001 Bell mouth bolt
B0202020070100001 Locking device bolt
B0202020160100001 Bolt for lifting eye clip
B02024060 Hexagon socket head cap screw
B03050060081201 Hexagon socket head screw
B0502.5045 cotter pin
B0807014 Combination gasket
B0807018 Combination gasket
B0807022 Combination gasket
B093813 Backup tong sealing pin sealing package
B11068 Circlip for hole
B120101005 Straight through oil cup
B17010001 Straight through pressure injection cup
B22018 Combination pad
B22022 Combination pad
B22027 Combination pad
B22042 Combination washer
B22048 Combination pad
D0KCR0107 encoder
D0KCR1503 Pressure sensor
D0KCR1601073 Wind pressure switch
D0KDR0101096 Hand wheel setting potentiometer
D0KDR0201096 Torque limiting potentiometer
D0KGL0102024 Barrier
D0KHL0101062 indicator light
D0KHL0201062 indicator light
D0KKA0102062 Intermediate relay
D0KKA0202062 Intermediate relay base
D0KKA0301062 Relay protection clip
D0KKA0401062 Relay protection module
D0KMK2001074 Quick connect network connector
D0KQ10103062 Circuit breaker
D0KQ10104062 Circuit breaker
D0KQ10106062 Circuit breaker
D0KQ10107062 Circuit breaker
D0KQ10115062 Circuit breaker
D0KQ10117062 Circuit breaker
D0KSA0101062 Button (green)
D0KSB0102062 Two position self-locking knob
D0KSB0103062 Three position self-locking knob
D0KSB0104062 Two position self reset knob
D0KSB0105062 Three position return knob
D0KSB0107062 Three position self reset knob
D0KSB0301062/D0KSB0302062 Auxiliary contactor
DC01011250 encoder
DC01030350 Liquid level float sensor
DC01040241 Temperature sensor (PT100)
DC01050191 Pressure sensor
DC01050191 Lubrication system pressure sensor
DC01061950 Wind pressure switch
DFJ090102001 Frequency converter fuse
DH01014 Rubber gasket
DH01018 Rubber gasket
DH01022 Rubber gasket
DH01033 Rubber gasket
DH01042 Rubber gasket
DK050117 Hose waterproof joint
DL0500501 ground wire
DL050050701 Mud pump interlock
DL050050702 Logging tool
DQ40030100 Suspension lifting lug (crown block lifting lug
DQ40B-02-01-15 Fixed shaft hard pipe wrench
DQ40BDDK1002 Driller’s console
DQ40B-GZ-02 Blowout preventer (BOP)
T40020367″ tilt cylinder assy
DQ40B-GZ-04 Locking device assembly
DQ40B-GZ-05 Backup tong assembly
DQ40B-GZ-06 IBOP (control system)
DQ40B-SC-02 Brake assembly
DQ40BVFD-JH Electric control room
DQ40-DG-01 Installation trolley
DQ40-DG-02 Slide in folding guide rail
DQ40DG03 Adjustment assembly
DQ40-DG-04 Guide rail reverse torque beam
DQ40-DG-05 Pulley assembly
DQ40-DK-08 Cable hanger of traveling section
DQ50B-GZ-02 Blowout preventer
DQ50B-GZ-03 tilt cylinder assy
T75020400″ Locking device assembly
DQ50-D-04(YB021.123) Lubrication motor + pump
DQ50-DK-07 Derrick cable hanger
DQ70BS0502 Insulation box of driller’s floor
DQ70BS0503 Drill floor insulation box support
DQ70-GZ-03 Tilt cylinder
T75020500″ Backup tong assembly
DQ70-GZ-06″ IBOP control cylinder
DT01220000 7-core socket
F04010607 Metric open-end wrench
F04010810 Metric open-end wrench
F04011012 Metric open-end wrench
F04011214 Metric open-end wrench
F04011417 Metric open-end wrench
F04011719 Metric open-end wrench
F04011921 Metric open-end wrench
F04012224 Metric open-end wrench
F04012427 Metric open-end wrench
F04013032 Metric open-end wrench
F04013641 Metric open-end wrench
F04014146 Metric open-end wrench
F040208 Adjustable wrench
F040210 Adjustable wrench
F040212 Adjustable wrench
F040215 Adjustable wrench
F040218 Adjustable wrench
F040524 Special wrench for pulley
F04063280 Circlip pliers for hole
F04073280 Circlip pliers for shaft
F04083280 Circlip pliers for elbow shaft
F04093280 Circlip pliers for elbow hole
F0410600 Magnetic detector
F0411002 Hammer
F041210 Assembly sheet metal file
F041308 Kerf tong
F041408 Side mouth tong
F0415450 pipe tong
F041612 Chain wrench
F04170008 Automatic stripping pliers
F04180005 Tape measure
F041936 Special socket wrench for guide rail adjustment
F042000 Butter gun
F042100 Universal electric meter
F042200 AC / DC true root mean square clamp meter
F042300 Megger
F04250010 Insert (power strip)
F04260060 Electric iron
F042700 Plastic insulating tape
F042800 Plastic insulating tape
F042900 Solder wire
F043000 Safety belt
F043100 Rechargeable flashlight
F04320350 Cable reel
F0433280760 Torque wrench
F043400 Metric hexagon socket ratchet wrench
F043500 Portable toolbox (electrician)
F043701220 gear oil
F043702032 Hydraulic oil
F043703001 grease
F043703002 Main motor grease
F043703003 grease
F0438M10ZG BOP maintenance connector
F043900 Angle grinder
F0440011301 Electric drill
F0440011302 bit
F044100 Broken screw extractor
F044210001 Grinding wheel
F044210002 Gauze sheet
F044312 Tap
F044314 Tap
F044316 Tap
F044318 Tap
F044400 Infrared temperature instrument
F044500 Anti loose wire
F07241865 Cable box
F081.8 Grounding device
F0900 hanging basket
FS0106 Safety wire rope
FS01121.5 Safety wire rope
FS01122.0 Bell mouth safety wire rope
FS01141.4 a wire rope
FS02181.5 a wire rope
FS02223.5 Hoisting wire rope
FS02283.1 Installation car wire rope
FX0215 Shackle
FX023.25 Shackle
FX0240 Shackle
FX029.5 Shackle
Magnetic starter
Magnetic starter
M0095305.7 O-ring
M010081.5NCJHZ O-ring
M0101001.5 O-ring
M010101.5NCJHZ O-ring
M0101201.9 O-ring
M0101202.0 O-ring
M010122.0NCJHZ O-ring
M0101301.5 O-ring
M0101401.9 O-ring
M010142.0NCJHZ O-ring
M0101602.0 O-ring
M0101602.5 O-ring
M0102002.0 O-ring
M0102002.4 O-ring
M010202.0NCJHZ O-ring
M0102402.0 O-ring
M010243.1WCJHZ O-ring
M0102602.0 O-ring
M010262.0NCJHZ O-ring
M0103003.1 O-ring
M010303.1WCJHZ O-ring
M0103503.1 O-ring
M010353.1WCJHZ O-ring
M0103803.1 O-ring
M010383.1WCJHZ O-ring
M0106003.1 O-ring
M0108003.1 High pressure filter sealing kit
M0109003.5 Seal package of oil return filter
M0110003.1 Seal package of oil return filter
M0110003.5 Seal package of oil return filter
M011025.7WGJHZ O-ring
M0110605.7 Washing pipe sealing kit
M0111003.1 Seal package of oil return filter
M0111005.7 O-ring
M0112005.7 Washing pipe sealing kit
M011205.7WGJHZ O-ring
M0113505.7 Washing pipe sealing kit
M011355.7WGJHZ O-ring
M0114205.7 Washing pipe sealing kit
M011425.7WGJHZ O-ring
M011428.6WCJHZ O-ring of water hose
M0114308.6 Washing pipe sealing kit
M02350 Rotating glee circle
M02360 Rotating glee circle
M02370 Bell mouth safety wire rope
M02380 Bell mouth safety wire rope
M09140 Rotary oil seal
M09200 Rotary oil seal
M09210 Rotary oil seal
MB01100 Accumulator seal kit
MB02100 Balance cylinder seal kit
MB04080 Tilt cylinder seal kit
MB04100 Tilt cylinder seal kit
MB05063 IBOP hydraulic cylinder sealing kit
MB05108 BOP sealing kit
MB05120 BOP sealing kit
MB06160 Backup tong oil cylinder seal kit
NT754010308 Washing pipe assembly
NT754010308-VI Center pipe (spline shaft)
NT754101030802 Circlip
NT754101030805B Central tube
PPC-6170 Work monitor (with program)
Automatic circuit breaker
Automatic circuit breaker
Automatic circuit breaker
T40020200 Internal blowout preventer
T4002020111 Guide plate
T40020202 Switch cover
T40020302 pin shaft
T40020312 pin shaft
T40020312A pin shaft
T40020312B pin shaft
T40020367 Tilt cylinder
T40020401 Locking plate
T40020402 Anti loosening fixing sleeve
T40020403 Anti loosening chuck
T4002WX00 BOP disassembly tools kit
T40031532 Bearing axle assembly (pulley wheel0
T54031536 Transfer box pipeline guard
T75020114 Tilt cylinder flow control valve
T75020201234 IBOP hydraulic cylinder
T75020402 Anti loosening fixing sleeve
T75020403 Anti loosening chuck
T75020503 Backup tong locating pin
T75020504 Guide bolt
T75020514 Backup tong centering ring
T75020519-1 Protective joint
T750205191/T750205194/T750205192 Protective joint
T7503153201 Bearing axle assembly
T754010433″ Balance cylinder assembly
T7540101331 Balance cylinder piston rod
T754010136 Spare cap
T75401030810 Washing pipe packing
T7540103082 Clamp spring of washing pipe assembly
T754010320 Hose oil union connecting cap
T7540104082 Sealing sleeve
T754010460 Upper sealing sleeve
T7540202016 Blowout prevention pulley (small)
T7540202017 Blowout prevention pulley (big)
T754020204 Set screw
T754020207 transmission wheel
T754020213 IBOP
T754020501 Counter torque bracket pin shaft clamp
T754020505 Pin clamp
T754020506 Backup tong pin shaft
T7540205071 centralizer
T7540205081 Hydraulic tong
T754020509 Backup tong piston
T7540205101 three
T754020510A1 5 “drill pipe slip (tong head)
T754020511 Backup tong pipeline bracket
T754020512 Backup tong sealing pin shaft
T7540205151 Counter torque plate
T754020516 Spring bracket
T754020517 Spring guide shaft
T7540205201 Centralizing sleeve
T754020522 Tong head screw
T754020523 Tong head screw
T754020523 Backup tong guide sleeve
T754020524 Backup clamp key
T754020525 Backup tong outer circlip
T754020526 Backup tong outer circlip
T754020528B 3 1 / 2 “drill pipe guide ring
T754030201 Adjusting plate connecting plate
T754030202 Guide beam bearing pin
T754030203 Guide beam adjustment back plate
T754030204 Guide beam adjusting pin
T754030205 Guide beam adjusting plate
T754030206 Guide beam adjusting plate connecting plate
T754030207 Guide beam adjusting plate extension plate
T754030303 Chuck
T754030304 Fixed spindle
T75403030500 Slide adjusting screw assembly
T754030602 Installing car adapter coupling
T754030603 Connecting rod pin shaft
T754030604 Connecting plate
T754030808 Adjusting lead screw
T754030900 Refueling trolley
W0101080 Cylindrical roller bearing
W0101100 Cylindrical roller bearing
W0101190 Cylindrical roller bearing
W0102040 Plain Radial bearing
W0102110 Spherical roller bearing
W0103181 thrust cylindrical roller bearing
W0103360 thrust cylindrical roller bearing
W0104360 Deep groove ball bearing
W0106203max3 Thrust tapered roller bearing
W0201315500 Main drive motor
W0201315500 Main motor
W02025.52 Fan motor
W03250096 Elevator link
W0450225 Spring
W05120 jaw
W06050 Brake
W0605001 The brake plate
WB02200 Backup tong sealing kit
WB05108 BOP repair kit
WB05120 BOP repair kit
YOF0201D071 Solenoid valve
Y0F0202071 Hydraulic solenoid valve
Y0F0203071 Hydraulic solenoid valve
Y0F0209071 Hydraulic solenoid valve
Y0J01010201801012 Female thread straight joint
Y0J01010202201012 Female thread straight joint
Y0J01010203001012 Female thread straight joint
Y0J01010401801401012 straight joint
Y0J01010402201801012 straight joint
Y0J01020201801012 Cross-over sub
Y0J01020201801012 Female thread plug
Y0J01020202201012 Cross-over sub
Y0J01020202201012 Female thread plug
Y0J01020203001012 Female thread plug
Y0J0102030220180001012 Adjustable right angle joint
Y0J01030101801012 Tee joint
Y0J01030102201012 Tee joint
Y0J01050101802201012 Combined straight joint
Y0J0106010180001012 Male thread plug
Y0J0106010220001012 Male thread plug
Y0J0106010300001012 Male thread plug
Y0J01060401401012 Plug
Y0J01060401801012 Plug
Y0L01106 Potentiometer coupling
Y0Q020101042 Oil suction filter
Y0Q020201042 High pressure filter
Y0Q020302042 Gear oil filter
Y0Q080101016 The friction plate
Y0Z0204103 Lubrication pump set
YB014.016 Hydraulic pump
YB0331506″ Hydraulic motor + pinion
YB040014 Gear pump
YB040023 Gear pump
YB040030 Reducer lubrication pump
YB05016 Plunger pump
YB05037 Hydraulic system plunger pump
YB060.54 Lubricating motor
YB060.5401 Motor blade
YB060.5402 Motor fan blade cover
YB060.5403 Motor junction box cover
YB061.16 Reducer lubrication motor
YB064.06 electric motor
YB064.0601 Motor junction box cover
YB064.0601 Motor blade
YB064.0602 Motor fan blade cover
YB065.56 electric motor
YB0701 Bell type cover
YB0702 Bell type cover
YB0802 coupling
YB0804 coupling
YB0805 coupling
YOF0101D Electromagnetic ball valve
YF0122 Electromagnetic ball valve
YF0261 Electromagnetic reversing valve
YF0262 Electromagnetic reversing valve
YF0263 Electromagnetic reversing valve
YF0346 Electromagnetic lock valve
YF0422160 Pressure regulating overflow valve
YF0522350 Right angle overflow valve
YF06162 Check valve
YF070222 Hydraulic check valve
YF071030 Hydraulic check valve
YFT754B000 Hydraulic auxiliary system valve block
YJ012206 90 ° elbow thread adjustable joint
YJ012206 O-ring
YJ012218 Adjustable right angle joint
YJ0218 Tee joint
YJ0222 Tee joint
YJ0318 Cross-over sub
YJ0322 Cross-over sub
YJ0330 Cross-over sub
YJ0616 Male thread plug
YJ0618 Male thread plug
YJ0622 Male thread plug
YJ0630 Male thread plug
YJ0716 Female thread plug
YJ0718 Female thread plug
YJ0722 Female thread plug
YJ0730 Female thread plug
YJ0814 Thread Plug
YJ0818 Plug
YJ0822 straight joint
YJ1218 Female thread straight joint
YJ1222 female thread straight joint
YJ1230 female thread straight joint
YJ171814 straight joint
YJ171818 straight joint
YJ172218 straight joint
YJ173042 Oil inlet connector of oil return filter
YJ262218 Combined straight joint
YJ2722 Quick fitting connector
YJ2722 Quick fitting connector
YN0125 Nitrogen filling tool (domestic)
YN0225 Pressure gauge (with pipeline connection)
YN031614 Accumulator charging valve
YQ001100 Oil suction filter
YQ0102063 High pressure filter
YQ0103100 Gear oil filter
YQ0103160 Gear oil filter
YQ0202040100 Air filter
YQ0202040100 Air filter
YQ0203100100 Lubricating oil return filter
YQ02031001001 End cover of oil return filter
YQ02031001002 Oil return filter housing
YQ02031001003 Oil return filter framework
YQ0203160100 Oil return filter element
YQ02031601003 Oil return filter framework
YQ04100 Rod magnetic filter
YS01375350 Air cooler
YW01080 Liquid level meter
YW01150 Liquid level meter
YWZ-150 Liquid level thermometer
В11068 Locking spring coil
В22022 Combination gasket
В22048 Combination gasket
М0104503.1 seal ring
М0109003.5 Seal ring of oil return filter
М0110003.5 Seal ring of oil return filter
М0111003.1 Seal ring of oil return filter
МВ04100 Tilt cylinder seal ring (complete set)
МВ05063 Complete seal set of oil cylinder
МВ05120 Plug valve seal assembly
МО110605.7 washing pipe sealing bag
МО112005.7 washing pipe sealing bag
МО113505.7 washing pipe sealing bag
МО114205.7 washing pipe sealing bag
Т75020114 Tilt cylinder oil quantity control valve
Т7540205101 Drill pipe slip
Т754020510А1 Drill pipe slip
Т754020522 Bolt
70020111 Elevator link baffle
T750202016 Bracket
T75020201567 Bracket assembly
T7540202019 Round nut
T75402020111 Guide plate
T75402020112 Adjusting nut
T75020202 Switch sleeve
70020367 Set nut
T75020200 Internal blowout preventer (IBOP)
70020301 Fixed clamp
T75020302 Fixed clamp
T75020311A Round nut
T75020311B pin shaft
T75020312 pin shaft
70020313 Pin bushing
T75020401 Movable hinge
NT754I01030810 Locking plate

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    • TYPE 13 3/8-36 IN CASING TONGS

      TYPE 13 3/8-36 IN CASING TONGS

      Q340-915/35TYPE 13 3/8-36 IN Casing Tongs is capable of making up or breaking out the screws of casing and casing coupling in drilling operation. Technical Parameters Model Size Pange Rated Torque mm in KN·m Q13 3/8-36/35 340-368 13 3/8-14 1/2 13 35 368-406 14 1/2-16 406-445 16-17 1/2 445-483 17 1/-19 483-508 19-20 508-546 20-12 1/2 546-584 21 1/2-23 610-648 24-25 1/2 648-686 25 1/2-27 686-724 27-28 1/2 724-762 28 1/2-30 ...

    • TDS TOP DRIVE SPARE PARTS: 122023,ACTUATOR,ASSY,COUNTER BALANCE,110704,30119592,30172237,112190-120,118244-BLOCK,926,931,6027,7972


      TDS TOP DRIVE SPARE PARTS: ASSY, MANIFOLD, ALIGNMENT-CYL, TDS-8S,30175420,109547-2   Gross weight:  30 kg Measured Dimension: After Order Origin : USA/CHINA Price: Please contact us. MOQ: 1 VSP has always been committed to ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality oilfield products. We are Manufacturer for Top Drives and it’s spares other oilfield equipments and services to UAE oil drilling companies more than 15+ years,  brand including NOV VARCO/ TESCO/ BPM /TPEC/JH SL...

    • Elevator Link for hanging Elevator from TDS

      Elevator Link for hanging Elevator from TDS

      • Designing and manufacturing conform to API Spec 8C standard and SY/T5035 relevant technical standards etc.; • Select high-class alloy steel die to forge molding; • Intensity check uses finite element analysis and electrical measuring method stress test. There are one-arm elevator link and two-arm elevator link; Adopt two-stage shot blasting surface strengthening technology. One-arm Elevator Link Model Rated load (sh.tn) Standard working le...